Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I feel like I'm in preseason for volleyball all over again. We have a bunch of new teammates, I sweat a lot during the day, I'm working (in a different way), I can't get enough water, and my legs ache by the end of the day. Yep, sounds like preseason.

It was strange as we got off the plane, left the airport, and drove through the city...it was so familiar. It didn't seem like such a new place. It was weird to recognize roads that were being worked on, and changes in surroundings. I never thought A-stan would become my familiar. At the same time, this summer felt so familiar. I almost feel as if it is somewhere in the middle of these two countries that I would call home now. We're settling into our new house...two doors down from our house last year. It feels so much more like a home this year. We knew the things we needed to bring to make it that way, and we collected so much over last year to help. Pictures and wall decals are on the walls, and our speakers are constantly playing our new music. It's nice. Of course, a home in A-stan doesn't come without it's challenges. Our upstairs shower had a short in the water heater, so we began to shower downstairs. We started to notice water pooling up in our kitchen (right next to the bathroom) whenever we showered. Yesterday was the worst, and we woke up this morning with water coming from under our kitchen cabinets. Needless to say, our kitchen will be turned into a big project one day this week. I'm so thankful for the friends and family we have made here. Our water is turned off, but three different houses of friends have offered up their showers and washing machines. Being here truly teaches and introduces a new sense of community.

The community here is so refreshing to be back and be apart of again. On our first night back, we were invited over for homemade pizza for dinner by a family involved in our school. This family also made us muffins for the next days breakfast. A few night later, we shared dessert with leaders in the community, and we're heading to someone's home for dinner tonight. I'm so thankful that God provides us with community to help remind us of His love.

Today, I was reminded again. As I was walking down the street, a national staff worker stopped me on the street. He pulled out an envelope and said he was told to give it to me from his daughter. His daughter will be in fourth grade this year. She is precious. She wrote me a welcome back to A-stan note (in beautiful handwriting might I add!), and put in a beaded bracelet also. :) She is so excited to start school and see all the teachers. It was a perfect reminder of why we came back. It erased the frustrations from our house, and the dust and heat didn't feel so bad.

Please continue to pr*ay for us as we start school meetings tomorrow, as we still look to fill a few positions, and as we continue to settle in.


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