Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A 12 Year Old's Goal

My students were assigned their first five-paragraph essay. Their topic was "about me." It could be about things they like, what they want to be, goals they have, or what they enjoy doing. I had many mixed topics, as you can imagine with 6th grade. Some were pretty sad, and others were on the humorous side.

One of my students wrote an essay that is very hopeful for this country. He is very smart, but I call him my mad scientist. He is a little scattered brained and can be very forgetful. This five-paragraph essay was only 4 paragraphs, and it was turned in two days late. Sadly, this made it hard to get a good grade, but it's very good. He WILL do incredible things for this nation one day.

We'll call him A. Remember, he is twelve. I watched him write the whole thing in class. He didn't explain all three of his main points, but I had to share this. He told me I could share his essay. I'll type it exactly as it is written...except for some astricts for safety.

"My name is A; I am a boy who lives in the middle of a battlefield, in a country at war. I am twelve years old and I was born in Isl*mab*d, P-stan, on October 9, 1999. Life is hard in A-stan, but I believe that in every heart there is a glimmer of hope. In the following story I will tell you about me. I hope that one day A-stan will have peace, also I want to become a scientist and inventor to help A-stan, a last I want unity and peace between the nations of the world.

A-stan is a country at war with ter*or*sm. It seems that peace will never come back to this country due to the fact that this country has been at war for 30 years. I hope that peace will come to A-stan someday, and I hope that that someday will come soon. Even with all these wars, I do believe that there is hope and as long as we have hope we can stand strong and united. When we stand strong and united, we can stand against our enemy and through hard work we can reach our goal. I hope there will be peace one day in A-stan, and when there is hope there is a chance.

My final hope is that the nations of the world stand united and peaceful. This helps to create peace between the nations. We aready have the U.**N. as a good example of this unity. Still, there are countries that are not in the U.**N. and some are still at war. I hope that something better than the U.**N. forms, a group that maintains peace and includes all of the countries of the world. My final hope is that we stand united and have peace so that we can make Earth the greatest and most peacful planet of the universe.

I hope that one day A-stan will have peace, and lastly I want unity and peace between the nations of the world. These are my biggest goals. I will do my best at reaching these goals, and I will start today. I will talk to anyone who has the same hope of peace to join me, so that we can stand united and strong against obstacles and reach our goals."

There is hope for A-stan, and I am happy to see glimpses of it in its future leaders (the ones in my classroom everyday). :)


Tuesday, November 8, 2011


We have spent the past 5 days in northern Thailand.  It has been amazing and been a much needed break from normal day to day life.  We leave to begin the trip back in a couple of hours.  We are spending one night in India on the way back and hopefully we will get out in the city for an hour or two while we are there.  We have posted a ton of photos on facebook if you want to see what our time here has looked like.  I've also posted a video below.  The video is from our trip here in Thailand. I haven't been able to upload the videos/pictures until now due to slow internet.  Thankfully the internet connection here has been great!