Thursday, September 15, 2011

recent happenings.

It's been about a month. Maybe posting once a month is a more realistic goal for us than once a week.

Things here at the school are returning to a more "normal" time, since the incidents a few days ago. Everything at the school was fine. We had to cancel school on Wednesday, so we had a three day week. We didn't have school on 9-11 either. People have said that the incidents on Wednesday were planned for the eleventh. Actually hearing some of the expl*sions made things a little interesting for me, but I didn't have time to think about it much. We were at dismissal and had to get the students to the appropriate places during that time. I was with elementary, and they did so well. They were so calm. I was so impressed with them.

That being said, I haven't had the chance to tell you about my class. They are great. I am so blessed with the group I have. We are still learning how each other works, but things are so good. We've already had some really cool discussions about rel*gious/government values, customs, and traditions of many cultures. HE definitely makes Himself known in these discussions, and it has been humbling to see how His name gets discussed. I have 21 students, and only 4 are expat students. My kids have taught me a lot about this country, and I hope I am teaching them just as much about patience, compassion, grace, and hard work. Please keep them in your prayers. I spoke to one student on the phone when I called to say school was cancelled. He said he couldn't leave his house anyways because they were so close to the incidents. He also said he was up all night because of the noise from it. This can be a scary place, and these kids live here and it becomes their "normal."

In other Humble news, we also had a special guest from the mil*tary come and read to the elementary kids. It was really cool that he came. He is the second in command in the mil*tary serving in this country. He (a three-star general) also gave the teachers/staff awards for excellence in serving in Afghanistan. It was a neat experience to see our kids awing the mil*tary men with their language skills, poise, and good questions. Our kids felt pretty important too. They take pride in their school, and take pride in their hard work. It's very refreshing.

Life here wears on you differently. It is difficult to explain. Someone tried to explain it to us before we came, but it only makes sense now that we're living it. I get more tired after teaching than I used to, but the teaching day makes it so worth it. I would say this country is heavyIf that even makes sense. There is more than a physical battle being fought here. It's not always easy waking up here in the mornings, but we are reminded so often by Him why we are here. Living in His plans gives us a peace that would not otherwise be with us in this country. Some of you have sent us some encouraging words lately, and you have no idea how much that means to us. Your encouragement and prayers are so helpful. So, thank you, immensely. 

Please keep praying for this country.

...and L is sick. Please keep him in those prayers too.

Also, soak up the start of fall for us. We're both missing it already!