Thursday, March 8, 2012

little things

Well, we made it to March. It seems kind of hard to believe. This winter has been really harsh, and the closer we get to spring the better I feel. Today it got up to fifty degrees! This is quite an accomplishment. K-town has turned into one giant mud puddle, but I guess that's just an ugly side affect to the melting. It does say that there are chances we will have some snow/rain showers in the middle of our week, but for now I'm pretending that's not true.

We have 3 weeks until spring break. We're planning on taking only a 3 hour flight to a much closer destination than we did over fall break. The airline we take out of A-stan just started flying to Abu Dhabi. We're excited to just go see a movie (hopefully The Hunger Games!!!), walk around the beach, ride a camel, and be WARM! Oh, and of course eat some good food. No, don't worry, no crickets this time.

As far as school stuff goes...We got our proposed schedule for next year. I'm so excited because I'll be teaching middle and high school next year. As of now, it's looking like 7th grade Oral Comm. (my students from this year), 8th grade Writing, 9th grade English, 10th grade Eng., and 11/12 Honors Eng. :) Excuse my nerdy-ness as I get really excited about this!

Other recent things...we finally got off lockdown. That's a plus. We've driven to the store...and we've walked to the store once. These are good things...good, good things.

We had a talent show. "Michael Jackson" won. :)


Positive - Everything is melting. Negative - Water damage is all over our campus. This is some of our damage, and we've been pretty lucky.
Our school is putting in a full size basketball court. Levi is really excited to get to play on it. 
Our girl's basketball team played in the National Women's Day tournament this week and got 3rd in the country! 

Overall, we're making it one day at a time on our side of the world. Please keep praying for A-stan and some of the challenges that teaching in this country can bring. Please pray for our students, their families, and the staff of our school. We're thankful to be here each and every day.